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Nov 15 2023
by Nirav Patel
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We’ve shared our philosophy around price promotions before, but to summarize it, we believe in keeping pricing consistent and predictable. Instead of running time-based promotions like Black Friday sales to entice you to buy a product when you may or may not need it, we keep pricing stable so that when you do need a product, it’s at the lowest price to date. At the same time, we’re always looking for ways to make our product pricing more accessible. When we introduce a new product generation, we permanently discount the previous one until we run out of stock. We also refurbish and resell the small number of product returns we get at reduced prices. We’re excited to announce a new home for these initiatives: Framework Outlet.

This is a curated view of all of the discounted products we have available. We’re also using Framework Outlet to enable new ways to reduce both cost and waste by offering unique one-off products. Today we’re announcing the first of these: new inventory of Framework Laptop 13 (11th Gen Intel® Core™) Factory Seconds.

Framework Laptop 13 (11th Gen Intel® Core™) Factory Seconds

We shared earlier that when closing out the factory in China that we originally used for subassembly manufacturing, we learned that there was a substantial amount of finished and partially finished material left. We listed the 11th Gen Mainboards that came from this on the Marketplace earlier this year. The excess material also included enclosure parts and our original glossy displays. Rather than list all of these parts individually for sale, we decided to manufacture them into a limited number of full new 11th Gen Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition systems with US English keyboards. These laptops are assembled and tested in our Taiwan factory to the same standards that we apply to new Framework Laptop 13 production. Our standard Framework Limited Warranty applies as usual, with the exception that cosmetic issues aren’t covered.

With the excess displays we received from the factory, we found a subtle cosmetic defect on some of them. There is a wavy pattern and backlight non-uniformity that is visible from certain angles. Because of this, we’re calling these systems “B-Stock” and pricing them even lower than our 11th Gen refurbs. As always, you can upgrade any part of the system including the display using parts from the Framework Marketplace whenever you need to. The i7-1165G7 configuration starts at $639 USD, while the i7-1185G7 starts at $759 USD. You all grabbed the i5-1135G7 Mainboards almost instantly, so we don’t have any of those left to build into Factory Seconds systems! We’re making these available today in the US and Canada shipping from inventory, and we have a waitlist page open for other countries. We’re also making AX201 WiFi cards available starting at $10 USD in the Outlet to use with these.

Framework Hats

We get requests for new types of Framework-branded merch regularly, but we hold very high standards for the products we source. We want to make sure that anything that has our logo on it is designed to respect people and the planet the same way our core hardware products are. We recently learned about Topiku, an amazing apparel startup in Indonesia upcycling waste fabric and plastic into hats. We first tested these out as Framework-internal employee swag for a few months, and we found the hats to be comfortable, durable, and best of all, great-looking. We’re happy to now make them available in the Framework Marketplace in Olive and Beige with our logo embroidered. We’re introducing these first in the US and Canada, with a waitlist in other countries.

Updates to EU availability

If you’re in an EU country that we don’t currently ship to, you may have noticed some updated messaging recently when browsing our site. While we ship in the EU directly to Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, and Spain, you can now enter a billing address and payment method from any EU country. You’ll need to browse the site set to one of the countries we ship to in the EU, check out with shipping to a location in that country, and handle further reshipping to your local address. Note that VAT, warranty service, and returns will all need to be handled through the shipping country as well. We have more detail on this in this Knowledge Base article. If you don’t want to take on the risk and cost of intra-EU reshipping services, we recommend waiting until we open a direct shipping path for you. We’re continuing to build the infrastructure to expand our shipping footprint to more of the world, including to the rest of the EU directly.

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