Now available with the latest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors
installing mainboard

A thin, light, high-performance 13.5” notebook that’s designed to last that’s totally upgradeable that respects your right to repair that’s optimized for Linux that respects the planet

framework laptop
Framework Laptop
(12th Gen Intel® Core™)

Starting at $1049

Ready to go with Windows 11

mainboard install
DIY Edition
(12th Gen Intel® Core™)

Starting at $819

Build it yourself and bring your OS

12th Gen Intel Upgrade Kit
Upgrade Kit
(12th Gen Intel® Core™)

Starting at $538

Mainboard & Top Cover (CNC)

Linus Tech Tips Framework Laptop video review

Linus Tech Tips

“The team over at Framework has managed to not just create a laptop that is easily repairable and upgradable, but it‘s also a thin, gorgeous, performant laptop.” – Linus Tech Tips


“This is the best laptop you can get right now if you want a completely repairable and upgradeable device.” – Dave2D
Best of the Best Design Award
Exceedingly rare 10/10 Repairability Score
TIME Best Inventions 2021
TIME Best Inventions 2021
our mission

Our mission

The time has come for consumer electronics products that are designed to last: products that give you back the power to upgrade, customize, and repair them. We’re excited for the opportunity to fix the consumer electronics industry together.
Benchmarking the Framework Laptop 12th Gen and 11th Gen

Latest news

When we announced the new Framework Laptop with the latest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, we provided a small peek at its performance. Now we're sharing benchmarking results that demonstrate how powerful the upgraded Framework Laptop is across a range of use cases.