Highlights from the Framework Next Level Event

Mar 30 2023
by Nirav Patel
Framework Next Level event space

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since the Framework Next Level Event! On March 23, we announced the Framework Laptop 13, now with both AMD Ryzen 7040 Series and 13th Gen Intel Core options, shared a range of new upgrades like the 61Wh battery, matte display, and improved hinges, and previewed the Framework Laptop 16, a totally modular 16” high performance notebook with upgradeable graphics and customizable input. We’ve seen an incredible response to each of these, both in terms of excitement and pre-order volume. We’d like to highlight a few of the most compelling videos and articles we saw on the new products.

Linus from LTT holding a Framework Laptop 16 and Mainboard

First and foremost, Linus of Linus Tech Tips (who also happens to be an investor in Framework), got a chance to go hands on with both a very early Framework Laptop 16 and a near-final Framework Laptop 13. The LTT team’s video is worth a watch, since they are the only ones we let handle the Framework Laptop 16, trying the Input Module and Expansion Bay systems, as well as checking out the overall scale and feel of the product. Linus’s response to the product is both amusing and educational.

Dave2D released an informative video about the Framework Laptop 16. He dove into the context of upgradeable graphics and thoroughly explained how we plan to succeed in a graveyard of attempts. He even went as far as to say, “this system and what it represents for the future of performance laptops is, seriously, the coolest thing I’ve seen this year when it comes to the mobile computer space.”

We’d also like to share an edit of our Framework Next Level Event presentation where we go in detail on each of the announcements around our new products for 2023. Our livestream during the event had some audio and video issues, which we’ve been able to correct with this edit. If you missed it live or found the technical issues distracting, it’s worth watching the new edit. We also have a behind-the-scenes video with a guided tour of the demo area that our in-person guests saw after the presentation. The Developer demo table was especially interesting, showcasing many of the most ambitious projects and products coming out of the community.

We’ve seen a range of articles as well over the last week reacting to our announcements. To highlight a few:

“The Framework Laptop 16 really does seem like the "holy grail" of modular gaming laptops, as the company claims.”

Tony Polanco, Tom’s Guide

“The magic of Framework’s approach is its open-source mindset. Allowing for the developer community to take these modules to the next level, the sky’s the limit on what could be added or customized on these laptops.”

Luke Larsen, Digital Trends

"It’s this arena, littered with high expectations and broken promises that Framework is entering with its first gaming notebook. It’s called the Framework Laptop 16 and it could be the standard bearer for a new paradigm in portable computing. No pressure."

Daniel Cooper, Engadget

We’ll continue to share more detail on each of our new products over the next few months in a series of deep dive blog posts and videos.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of you for the continued belief and interest in what we’re building. These products are for you, and we sincerely hope you enjoy them!

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