Framework Laptop Wins Two Design Awards

Apr 29 2022
by Louise Lau
Framework Laptop with Red Dot Winner Logo and iF Design Award 2022

It’s hard to believe that barely a year has passed since we announced pre-orders for the Framework Laptop — an ultraportable 13.5” notebook that is upgradeable, customizable, repairable — and the first of its kind in the notebook industry.

Today, we’re honored to share with you that the Framework Laptop and our Lead Industrial Designer, Poyu Chen, received two awards for excellence in product design. These are the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award in the Product Design 2022 category, and the iF Design Award 2022. We are incredibly proud to see our first product receive such recognition from these respected international design competitions.

“This distinction is synonymous with ground-breaking design par excellence. Only a very small percentage of competition winners were awarded this special title, because a product needs to have a certain something in order to win this top award,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot. For us, that “something” stemmed from our philosophy to make products that respect people and the planet. It will continue to serve as our North Star and we hope all of you (and our planet) will enjoy the Framework Laptop as much as members of the Red Dot and iF juries did. 

If the news of this latest award motivates you to check out a Framework Laptop, you can configure one now and ship to the following countries: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, UK, and US. In most cases, your order will ship within one week. 

We also have a Marketplace where you can get parts, upgrades, and accessories for the Framework Laptop. This week, we've opened the first stage of the Marketplace in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and the UK. We're working on bringing each item into stock, so check back or sign up to get notified.

One more update specifically for those of you in the US: We’ve turned on Klarna as a payment method, letting you split your laptop or Marketplace orders into four payments. You can also select Apple Pay or Google Pay as payment methods on Safari and Chrome respectively. This feature will also be added to other countries later this year.

Finally, if you’d like us to bring the Framework Marketplace to your region, please sign up via our region selection page. We are working hard to bring Framework to more corners of the world, and your interest will help us prioritize where we go next!

Framework Laptop 16 DIY Edition

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