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  • Webcam Module install - Chromebook
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  • Webcam Module install - 2nd Gen

Webcam Module

Crafted for clarity and privacy, the Webcam Module features a large, high-resolution 1080p OmniVision sensor to keep you looking your best at any angle.

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Weight: 1.5g Dimensions: 85mm x 3.45mm (module thickness includes PCB, components and conductive tape) x 6mm 1920 x 1080 full HD (Binning) and 2880 x 1620 resolutions 30 FPS frame rate 1/5.66” OmniVision OV08X40 sensor Realtek RTS5879 camera controller Advanced auto exposure Temporal noise reduction 87° diagonal f/2.0 five-element lens with blue glass IR filter Hardware privacy switches


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