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Carbon Capture

Make your Framework Laptop carbon neutral by buying one unit of carbon capture and sequestration, which translates to 334kg of CO2e. Our carbon inventory comes from Running Tide, who capture carbon in the ocean through kelp microforests that sink to the ocean floor, sequestering carbon for hundreds to thousands of years. Note that Carbon Capture purchases are non-refundable, because what would that even mean?

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Carbon Capture

We estimate that manufacturing and transporting a Framework Laptop generates a third of a metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. Most of the emissions come from processing materials like aluminum and steel and from energy-intensive chip fabrication. We’d love to see foundries and fabs improve their energy sources, but instead of waiting, we’ve set up a path to sink the same amount of carbon instead. We enabled the option for carbon neutrality by buying carbon capture and sequestration from carbon suppliers and reselling it through the Framework Marketplace. We’re committed to building a climate-conscious product ecosystem, so we’re doing this entirely at cost, passing through the pricing we pay and eating payment processing fees.

Our first supplier is Running Tide, an amazing startup based in Maine that is literally sinking carbon in the ocean through floating bio-buoys that grow kelp microforests over a period of months and then sink to the ocean floor, sequestering carbon for hundreds to thousands of years. The carbon sequestration industry is brand new, and Running Tide is one of the first companies to deliver practical carbon capture at commercial scale, with a path to bringing down costs in the future. We’ll continue to look for opportunities to fund creative startups in this industry to collectively scale up from kilotons to megatons and eventually the gigatons that are needed to head off climate change.