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Framework Laptop 13 Upgrade Kit (12th Gen Intel® Core™)

We made big upgrades to performance, standby battery life, and lid rigidity with the 12th Gen Intel release of the Framework Laptop. With the 12th Gen Intel Upgrade Kit, you can update your existing 11th Gen Intel Framework Laptop to get all of those improvements. This kit is made up of an i5-1240P, i7-1260P, or i7-1280P Framework Laptop Mainboard and a CNC Top Cover. You can use this to upgrade either a pre-built or DIY Edition Framework Laptop.

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Note: If you're upgrading an 11th Gen Intel Framework Laptop, you can bring your existing DDR4 memory, NVMe storage, and WiFi modules over. Your existing Linux or retail Windows installation should work as well, but if you're coming from a pre-installed OEM Windows license, you'll need to pick up a new retail Windows license.

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Check out our support pages for the Knowledge Base, step-by-step installation and repair guides, and a contact form for the Framework Support Team.

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Replacement Guide

Any part of the Framework Laptop can be easily replaced using the screwdriver that ships with your laptop. Follow this guide for specific instructions.

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