Using your Framework Laptop 16

Setting up your pre-built

Set up your laptop in 2–5 minutes with Windows pre-installed.

Framework Laptop 16 pre-built
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    pre-built quick start guide
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Download the Driver Bundle and firmware updates.

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Setting up your DIY Edition

Build your laptop in 10–20 minutes and choose your OS to install.

Framework Laptop 16 DIY Edition

Install your modules

Input Modules

Configure hot-swappable Input Modules like a Keyboard, Numpad, Macropad, or Spacers.

Framework Laptop Input Modules

Expansion Cards

Learn how to insert, remove, and choose your ports to fit our compatibility guidelines.

Framework Laptop 16 Expansion Cards
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Expansion Bay Modules

Expansion Bay Modules can drastically expand your laptop’s functionality and performance. The Graphics Module and Expansion Bay Shell can be swapped in minutes.

Framework Laptop 16 Expansion Bay Module

Customize your laptop

Keyboard, Numpad, and RGB Macropad

Use the default key map or customize your keys with up to four layers.

Framework Laptop RGB Macropad

LED Matrix

Draw your own LED design with the online drawing tool (beta) or unlock more functionality with the downloadable config app (beta).

Upgrade and repair

Framework Marketplace

Pick up new modules for upgrade, replacement, and customization.

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Removing the battery from a Framework Laptop 16

Step-by-step guides

Find a guide to repair or replace any part.

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Framework Laptop Fingerprint Reader

Developer resources

Hardware development

Open source CAD and reference designs to get started on building custom modules.

Framework Laptop 16 Expansion Bay Module

Developer community forum

Share projects and ideas to create new modules and re-use Framework parts.

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Animation of Framework Laptop 16

Software development

Open source firmware and utilities to customize the functionality of your modules.

Framework RGB Macropad Input Module

Need help?

Knowledge Base

A collection of frequently asked questions around Framework products.

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Online forum for questions, projects, support help, and more.

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