Battery Connector

We've designed the Framework Laptop to allow most repairs and upgrades without disconnecting the Battery.  Because the Battery connector is sensitive, we strongly recommend not disconnecting it unless one of the Framework Guides requires that.  If you do disconnect the Battery, before plugging the Battery connector back in, double check the pins on the Battery receptacle on the Mainboard, and make sure none of them look bent.  Don't plug the Battery connector in if pins look bent, as that will bend them even further. Reach out to Framework Support for guidance.  If you feel resistance when plugging in the Battery connector, stop, slide the connector back out, and make sure that no pins are being bent.

When you take off the Input Cover on your Framework Laptop, the LEDs on the sides of the system will blink red if the system has not powered down yet.  If you see this occur, wait 30 seconds after shutting down before opening the system for your repair.  Make sure the LEDs stop blinking before handling or disconnecting any of the internal modules.