Framework Laptop 13
This isn’t our computer. It’s yours.

Now with both AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series and the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra Series 1 processors.

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Getting started with your Framework Laptop 13

Setting up your pre-built

Set up your laptop in 2–5 minutes with Windows pre-installed.

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  • Framework Laptop 13 pre-built quick start guide Go to guide

Software updates

Download the Driver Bundle and firmware updates.

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Setting up your DIY Edition

Build your laptop in 10–20 minutes.

Taking apart a Framework Laptop 13
  • Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (Intel Core Ultra Series 1) Coming soon
  • Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) Go to guide
  • Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (13th Gen Intel Core) Go to guide
  • Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (11th Gen and 12th Gen Intel Core) Go to guide

Installing Windows and Linux

Choose which OS to install on your DIY Edition laptop.

Upgrade and repair

Framework Marketplace

Pick up new modules for upgrade, replacement, and customization.

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Replacing Framework Laptop 13 battery

Framework Outlet

On a budget or just looking to save? Explore some of our refurbished and Factory Seconds options at discounted prices.

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Replacing Framework Laptop 13 Mainboard

Step-by-step guides

Find a guide to replace or upgrade any part.

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Replacing Framework Laptop 13 Input Cover


Expansion Cards

Learn how to insert, remove, and choose your ports to fit our compatibility guidelines.

Expansion Cards
  • ⚠️ Check your Expansion Card
slot compatibility ⚠️ Learn more
  • Installing your Expansion Cards Go to guide


Transform and personalize your device with our customizable bezel options.

Framework Laptop 13 Bezel

Developer resources

Hardware development

Open source CAD and reference designs to get started on building custom modules.

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Developer community forum

Share projects and ideas to create new modules and re-use Framework parts.

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Software development

Open source embedded controller firmware and utilities to customize and extend on.

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Stay connected

Our Blog

Product updates and news about new launches and initiatives

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Typing on a Framework Laptop 13

Learn more about Framework

Meet the team and learn about our mission to remake consumer electronics.

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Framework Team

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Read some of our reviews and customer testimonials

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Learn about our commitment to reducing environmental impact and our initiatives to redefine the industry.

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Need help?

Knowledge Base

A collection of frequently asked questions around Framework products.

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Online forum for questions, projects, support help, and more.

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