Framework Laptop 13
This isn’t our computer. It’s yours.

Now with both AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series and the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra Series 1 processors.

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Framework Laptop 13 is a thin, light, fast 13.5” notebook that is simple to customize, upgrade, and repair, so it stays yours for longer.


Expansion Cards, keyboard languages, Bezel colors. It’s yours to choose.


Upgrade your processor generation-over-generation, and add more memory and storage whenever you need.


Every part is replaceable with just the one tool that comes in the box.

The choice is yours

Available in a range of configurations ready to go out of the box with Windows 11 and as a DIY Edition that you can assemble yourself, bringing your preferred OS, including Linux.

Framework Laptop 13
Great for Windows
Pre-built Edition

Ready to go out of the box with Windows 11 and easy to upgrade if you ever need more in the future.

Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition
Great for Linux
DIY Edition

Bring your own memory, storage, and operating system, including Linux, and build it yourself.

Slim and minimal form factor
All of this in a minimal and slim form factor

At just 15.95mm thick and under 1.3kg, gaining repairability doesn’t mean losing portability.


Never worry about running out of space. With standard M.2 SSDs, you can swap out your storage drive for high capacity ones up to a colossal 8TB.


You can upgrade your RAM whenever you need to unlock higher performance during heavy multi-tasking. Our latest generation supports up to a massive 96GB of high-speed DDR5.

Expansion Cards

External adapters are a thing of the past. The Framework Expansion Card system lets you choose exactly the ports you want and where you want them.

Designed for productivity


61Wh for all day battery life, long-lasting, with 80% of its capacity still available after 1,000 cycles of use.


The tall 13.5” 3:2 aspect ratio screen allows for more content at once, with an anti-glare matte surface for flexible work locations.


A >80 degree field of view makes you look great at any angle, and 1080p image and video resolution keeps you sharp too.


Comfortable and responsive with 1.5mm key travel, an adjustable backlight, and a wide range of language and layout options.

Respects your privacy

Privacy switches
Privacy switches

Your privacy is protected at a hardware level, with physical switches that electrically cut off the webcam and microphones whenever you need.

No crapware

We hate software bloat as much as you do. Our pre-builts ship with stock Windows 11 plus the necessary drivers, and our DIY Edition lets you bring whichever operating system you’d like.


The best way to reduce the environmental impact of Consumer Electronics is to make products last longer.

Laptop re-use

We design our laptops and every part inside to last. Our mainboard can be re-used as a standalone computer using the Cooler Master Mainboard Case or for any DIY projects.

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Refurb and factory seconds
Refurb & Factory Seconds

We make sure no product goes unused. We refurbish returns and minimize manufacturing waste through our Factory Seconds program, lowering the price of entry too.

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Recycled materials
Recycled materials

We’re diverting the waste stream by maximizing the use of post-consumer-recycled materials across plastics, metals, and packaging.

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